The Evans Knob

Farm Philosophy

We have grown much of our own food over the past twenty years, starting out with a small garden, a few chickens and turkeys, and three small daughters. Today we grow and or produce vegetables, pastured poultry, pork and lamb, eco friendly wool products and creamy rich cows milk soap.

Over the years we have learned much, and put organic growing methods into practice. This came out of the concern for our family's health and the environment. We don’t believe in using herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers on our land. Evans Knob will never use growth hormones, and antibiotics are only given to very sick animals. We would like to offer to you some of the same fresh bounty that we have the joy of producing. Read more ABOUT THE FARM.

Certified Naturally

Grown Goodness

Fresh, crunchy, delicious, rich, nutrient dense, melt in your mouth, happy, warm, cozy. These are all adjectives describing the offerings of Evans Knob. We believe that if you give all the goodness you can, to every living creature, you will always get more in return.

Life On

the Knob

The day had come, I knew it was time. Mercy and I had been working up to this moment for over a year. Both of us unsure of the outcome, but one of us stronger willed and slightly more witty enough to make it all happen. Who would actually win the battle, who would give in?


So you want to be a farmer?

Would you love to have open spaces, fresh air and living creatures as your "office?" Does a challenge make your heart race? Do you want to be satisfied at the end of your work day knowing that what you have done matters? Come be a part of Team Evans Knob, where the good earth is sustainable and diversified, producing healthy food, happy creatures, and honest products while living an honorable lifestyle.

Learn how to WORK WITH US.